Corporate Partnerships

We believe that corporate charity relationships should be mutually beneficial. Together we will develop a partnership to meet both our needs.

Good corporate partnerships bring increased customer loyalty, staff motivation and brand exposure. They are also a fantastic way of demonstrating good corporate responsibility to your customers whilst uniting your workforce.

We believe that corporate charity relationships should also be mutually beneficial. That’s why we make sure our partnerships are tailored to meet your business objectives. Being a small charity means we have incredible flexibility. Together we will develop a partnership to meet both our needs. 

We are always looking to forge new relationships with businesses and we would love to talk with you about some of the ways we can work together.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for below or wish to discuss something in more depth, please get in touch:

Tel: 01326 314262



What’s in it for you?

·    Increase your sales by associating a new product/service with a good cause

·    Differentiate yourself from your competitors

·    Engage your customers and workforce

·    Increase customer loyalty

·    Demonstrate good corporate responsibility

·      Improve brand perception

·      Increase brand awareness

·      Increase awareness of a new product/service

·      Improve staff motivation and team cohesion

·      Increase PR opportunities

·      Reach a specific target audience

·      Extend your market share




Ways you can work with us:


Sponsorship is the most powerful form of marketing.

The power of sponsorship lies in the way it can be integrated with existing programs and in the way it can engage and elicit emotions in specific target audiences. It’s an incredibly versatile technique to promote and market an organisation and its products/services.

Here are just a few of our sponsorship opportunities:

  • Become our Principal Partner.
  • Become a Supporting Partner.
  • Sponsor a specific project, for instance, Help for Heroes fund certain courses for our beneficiaries, while Purl Design Architecture have created the John Caddy Memorial scholarship funding one lucky beneficiary through our Zero to Hero (Yachtmaster Development) Programme.
  • Perhaps you are interested in discussing opportunities onboard our beautiful tall ship ‘Spirit of Falmouth’.
  • What about a contra-deal sponsorship where you can support our work through donating products or services? Please see gifts in kind below.
  • Maybe becoming our official hospitality or team-building partner onboard ‘Spirit of Falmouth’ is something that interests you.
  • Perhaps cause related marketing will best suit your business objectives. Please see below.

We have many creative ways of ‘adding value’to our partnerships, so if you would like to have a chat about what we can do to meet your business objectives, please do get in touch.

Gifts in kind

It’s not all about donating money. Perhaps you are interested in helping us reduce professional costs by donating a product or service, if so we would love to hear from you.

Did you know that if you give an item to charity that is manufactured or sold in the course of your trade you may be eligible for tax relief?

We have a ‘wish list’ of items we have identified to further enhance the support we can provide to our beneficiaries. If you are interested in seeing this list please get in touch.

Cause related marketing

This type of promotion is a great way of enabling both your business and your customers to support this cause. It is also a great way of achiveing both economic and social goals.

Cause related marketing is a simple and effective way of differentiating your product/service and increasing sales and customer loyalty. A new partnership can also open up new markets and attract new customers.

If you are interested in linking a product or service with a not-for-profit organisation then we would love to hear from you.

Charity of the year

Nominate us as the beneficiary of your fundraising activities over the course of the year and help us support those rebuilding their lives after life changing experiences while serving in our Armed Forces.

Nominating us as your charity of the year will be a great way of motivating and uniting your team behind a worthwhile cause that they can take ownership of and feel passionate about. 

There are many creative ways your workforce can get involved and we are on hand to inspire and drive them forward.


Payroll Giving

Perhaps your workforce would like to make a regular monthly/weekly donation through payroll. Payroll Giving is a HM Customs &  Revenue scheme enabling your workforce to automatically donate, tax-free, to charity from their pay packet.

Not only is Payroll Giving a really simple way to donate to charity, it’s also the most tax effective because donations are deducted before any tax is paid. What this means to your workforce is this:

For a £1 donation only 80p comes out of your employees’ salary, the taxman pays the remaining 20p.

If they pay a higher rate of tax (40%), only 60p comes out of their salary and the taxman will pay the remaining 40p.   

To facilitate Payroll Giving all you need to do is register with a Payroll Giving agency who will administer donations on your behalf. The scheme is designed to be incredibly flexible, easy to manage and the costs to businesses are minimal.

Corporate/matched fundraising 

There are plenty of simple, enjoyable ways for your workforce to fundraise to support our work.

Here are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Sponsored challenge events such as bike rides (Lands end to John o’Groats/Spinnathon), coastal walks or quit a habit.
  • Armed Forces fancy dress day.
  • Host a skills auction or corporate raffle.
  • Donate a birthday.
  • Have a bake sale.
  • Request a collection tin.

Perhaps you are interested in incentivising your teams fundraising efforts by matching them £ for £ or agreeing a fixed amount to donate up front. Matched fundraising can be a fantastic way of inspiring your team to work together in the name of charity.

Did you know that your company can receive tax relief on charitable donations? 

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Our Partners

  • Produly supported by Help for Heroes
  • Supported by the Royal Air Forces Association
  • Supported by The Soldiers Charity
  • Supported by The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

  • Supported by The Endeavour Fund
  • Supported by The Royal British Legion
  • Superyacht Charities
  • Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund