What people say

Take a look at some of the comments from people who have sailed with us.

T2S beneficiary “When I was first diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder life seemed extremely bleak and I spent much of my time in solitude unable to contemplate a future at all. Since my engagement with Turn to Starboard, life has taken on a new meaning and purpose.  I believe that Shaun Pascoe has given me back my life, handed me a future and returned a sense of self worth.  I shall remain eternally grateful.”

T2S beneficiary “The sailing was cool but the best bit for me were the evenings.  Chatting to guys who have been through similar things. It’s tricky to talk about that stuff at home.”

T2S beneficiary “When I came to Turn to Starboard I felt scared and nervous. I was apprehensive because despite the feeling that I wanted to do this I didn’t know what I was capable of and I didn’t want to feel failure again. The week on the yacht was amazing. For the first time since 2006 I haven’t had to apologise for not being able to keep up or take part … I felt part of a team … It was the first time in 8 years that I have slept well. I felt safe in the presence of like-minded people who even after a day I trust them. I felt excited, exhilaration. I felt like I used to feel … I felt free, I felt alive … it is because of you that it has been possible for me and others like me to find moments of excitement, belonging safety and peace in our lives again. Even through it might only be for moments … people like me live for those moments.”

T2S beneficiary “Being put on the yacht with guys who have been on the same tour was pretty cool. Went from war stories by day two to thrashing things out. Waking up in the morning in a bay in Cornwall is pretty amazing too, a real moment if you know what I mean, thanks Turn to Starboard.”

T2S beneficiary “The evenings on the yacht were a bit of an eye opener. Not only did we have a laugh there were some serious chats putting the world to rights and to get a course in as well is great. I’m definitely going to carry on sailing.”

T2S beneficiary “For me the last few days was a huge confidence boost.  I was amazed at how much I remembered about sailing after a huge gap away but also felt I could cope pretty well with my current symptoms and was able to test myself a little.”

T2S volunteer “I heard about Turn to Starboard from some ex-service personnel who said the charity was doing good work, so I went along to an open day on the Spirit of Falmouth to see for myself. I work a lot with ex-servicemen and women and I know that one of the major difficulties they have is the barrier they perceive between civilian and service life. It is difficult for them to engage with civilians and sometimes this means they are reluctant to even talk to health professionals. What does work is when they meet people with similar experiences – so they are far more likely to engage with Forces veterans. What impresses me about Turn to Starboard is how it offers people who served in the Forces a chance to get together, and through sailing and working on boats gives them a window into the wider world. Most of all, it allows them to realise that recovery is possible.”

Family Sail participant “My daddy came back from Afghanistan … but after we went sailing he really came back.”

Family Sail participant “The best bit was when I explained port and starboard to Mum and Dad.”

Family Sail participant “If it was two days or two weeks it would still be too short.”

Family Sail particpant “I am a member of the Band of Brothers.  Our family was lucky enough to go sailing with Turn to Starboard which was very kindly funded by Help for Heroes. We all had a fantastic time and not only acquired new skills but relished the family time we had away from all the distractions of everyday life and the stress of my injuries. The skipper, Shaun Pascoe, was amazing.  He was relaxed with the children and involved them in everything. We had such an amazing experience we will remember forever.”

"My life has taken on a new meaning and purpose."

T2S beneficiary

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